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Amberlust: Where War Breeds Passion

Welcome to the war-torn realm of Yokubo, a kingdom perpetually locked in a 300-year struggle. But this isn’t your typical high fantasy conflict. In Amberlust, a unique brand of magic fuels the flames of war – Luxurean magic, powered by the raw essence of lust.

You awaken in Amberlust with a jolt, your mind a swirling vortex of amnesia. Disoriented and vulnerable, you find yourself on a rickety cart headed towards a fate you can only dread. This is where your odyssey begins, a desperate scramble to reclaim your lost memories amidst a world teetering on the brink of Luxurean-fueled chaos.

A Kingdom Consumed by Desire

Yokubo is a land where the lines between war and carnal indulgence are blurred. The more a warrior indulges in their basest desires, the more potent their Luxurean magic becomes. This creates a perverse feedback loop, where battles are fueled by escalating displays of erotic dominance and submission.

As you navigate this treacherous landscape, you’ll encounter a cast of characters as diverse as their desires. There’s Seraphina, a stoic paladin who channels her unwavering devotion into righteous fury, her holy magic laced with a subtle undercurrent of forbidden yearning. Then there’s Zenos, a cunning rogue who exploits the battlefield’s inherent sensuality to his advantage, his agility fueled by the thrill of the chase and the promise of a well-earned reward.

The Price of Power

The crux of Amberlust lies in this dance with Luxurean magic. To survive, you’ll need to master this potent force. This means exploring your own desires, confronting your deepest fantasies, and perhaps even indulging in a few along the way. Will you succumb to the allure of Seraphina’s righteous passion, or will you find yourself entangled in Zenos’ web of carnal intrigue? The choice is yours, and each decision shapes the flow of Luxurean energy, potentially altering the course of the war itself.

Beyond the Battlefield

Amberlust isn’t just about epic battles and strategic seduction. The war has left its mark on Yokubo, creating a world teeming with hidden desires. As you explore war- ravaged towns and abandoned settlements, you’ll encounter a range of individuals whose lives have been irrevocably altered by the conflict. Some seek solace in fleeting pleasure, while others yearn for a deeper connection, a love that transcends the all-consuming war.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Unraveling the mystery of your past is just one facet of Amberlust’s captivating narrative. The true journey lies in confronting your own desires and exploring the intoxicating power of Luxurean magic. Will you become a beacon of righteous passion, or will you revel in the carnal pleasures that Yokubo has to offer? The answer lies within the pulsating heart of Amberlust, a world where war and desire are intertwined in an erotic dance for dominance. Are you ready to claim your destiny in this kingdom of Amberlust?



  • Added the new sprite of the female MC (Futa/trans)*
  • Updated the alley scene (Futa/trans version along with all its variables).


  • Added the map of the Veiling Valley. We have also worked on the rest of the continent, but for story reasons, it will not be visible until unlocked.
  • Added character info on a book marker, so you can have all the data of the characters that accompany you.
  • In terms of images, it includes 6 new backgrounds, 1 sprite, and an animated scene with all its editions for the male and female character (F+).
  • Added a fishing game that includes 3 images (hands) and their character editions.
  • We also continue to add facial expressions to our characters.
  • In terms of text, we added 7K along with corrections of some pronouns that were mentioned in comments.


  • Continuation of the main story (6k words added, and one minigame)
  • 3 new backgrounds and 2 sprites ( one is the female MC, with her customizations)
  • Female Main Character (Futa/Trans)
    • While the spite is done, and the text changes depending on the gender, not all sex scenes have her model yet. We plan to add them in the future!
  • We are starting to add more facial expressions to the characters.
  • Quest Log
  • Inventory
  • Map

Initial Release.

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Developer Notes

Hi there! We’re NabitoWorks, a group of friends who share a passion for videogames and visual novels. Our team is made up of a writer, a programmer, and an digital artist, and together we’re working on our very first game!


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