Alice in Cradle

Alice in Cradle


Version: 0.22q

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Game Info

Name: Alice in Cradle

Version: 0.22q

Updated: 2023-05-25 08:44:05

Language: English, Japanese

Engine: Unity

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Animated, censored, combat, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Japanese game, monster, platformer, Rape


Chemist woman Noel goes around the 2D field
Battle beasts and get Ryona while taking full advantage of sorcery


[Specifications of the break room]
You can start “serving” by doing a craft similar to alchemy/cooking and burning the aroma that the customer wants.
There are two types of service, “success route” and “failure route”, and the text and animation change for each.
Noel, who is good at flooring, misunderstands! If you ignore the “recommended herbs” and throw in suitable materials such as dried grass, you will proceed to the failure route.
Each route has rewards, but you can only receive rewards once for each route.
If you do both of the 2 routes, you can view the scene without consuming materials from the next time onwards.
The break room scenario is’s work that draws a very pure Noel-chan with a pitiful brushstroke. Thank you very much to the teacher who drew a wonderful scenario, and the translation team who expressed it without breaking it!

[Difficulty implementation]
Three difficulty levels have been implemented: Casual/Normal/Professional.
Along with that, the “Haniwa Amulet” will be abolished, and its function will be inherited by Casual Mode.
A new “grace gauge” will be introduced for HP and MP on normal and lower difficulty levels. (gray gauge)
If you don’t get attacked for a while, the gauge will gradually recover up to the grace period. Even when HP becomes 0, the game will not be over until the HP grace gauge is consumed.
In addition, the QTE below normal has been simplified. There is no QTE gauge reset penalty even if you fail in casual mode.
Below normal, restrictions will also be applied to Noel-chan’s damage.
When receiving damage in a row, the actual number of damage is greatly reduced.
If a limit is added, the rimmed damage figures will be displayed.
Due to the above two specifications, there should be Noel-chan who survives unexpectedly at the last minute.
Aiming to make adjustments that make it more difficult to die while keeping the poor appearance cute.

[Other changes]
Super healthy mode implementation. (The left-handed Noel-chan pants will disappear.)
Implemented a quest system and an alchemy picture book. Alchemy Encyclopedia can only use the function that allows you to view recipes that can currently be crafted.
Create a new animation (after the fox’s rape/when straddling the corrupted Kenzan)
Corrected so that treasure chests that can be obtained at low difficulty, enemy placement, etc. will not change when re-fighting with save / load. (Whether or not you get a treasure chest is determined by a random number, but this random number seed is now recorded in the save data.)
Removed zh-cnB as the zh-cnB production team merged with the zh-cn production team.
Fixed the surprise attack rate of high difficulty so that it does not rise too much.
Modified to fix the main attribute for each wooden figure bow and arrow crafted.
The first and second arrows fired after being crafted will always be of the main attribute.
The transition will randomly select the main attribute with a probability of 85% and other attributes with a probability of 15%.
Fixed some random numbers used in the game to be recorded in the save file.
It affects enemy spawning patterns, drop items, crafting bow and arrow attributes, and the success rate of aromas in the break room.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Below are some tips on how to get around the battle.
If you run out of MPs during the battle and the plants aren’t resurrected, just hit the enemy with a light attack. You can take magical power from the enemy. (A lot of magical power can be obtained from the pollutant)
Since the power of a shotgun (holding a chant and hitting a wand) depends on the magic you are chanting, it is justice to hit each individual with an energy ball shotgun. Bomb shotguns will increase the chance of giving abnormal conditions.
When you are blown away, you can be passive by entering avoidance + move at the moment of landing
A few frames with evasion have invincible time
If you start chanting in the air, it will stay in the air (Forsamori Spect System) It may be good to use it to adjust the distance with the enemy


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