Alenja's Adventures

Alenja’s Adventures

Wet & Wild Production

Version: v0.19 Final

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My first game, from which I expected much more, was called “Alenja’s Adventures”, where you take on the roles of various characters to advance the story. The game takes place in a dark fantasy world, where “Alenja”, the main character and daughter of a warrior, embarks on a journey to not only improve her fighting skills, but also discover her sexuality. A journey full of surprises and unexpected encounters can help you identify the bigger factor responsible for the unrest in the country. lead your battles.


v0.19 Final Remaster
The update is here…just in time so you have something nice to play over the weekend ;)

ATTENTION PLEASE, because this time around there is a lot more Additonal Content coming with the update and I want to let you know upfront where to find it (because it’s spread all over the game).

1) Continue the story where you left of in the last update (the Orc Ambush with Regan and Beitris on Patrol)

2) The winner of the Poll I did was an Alternative Bonus Path to that scene (Here you will find out what will happen if the twins Maili and Mairi would be on Patrol)

  • This was once a Premium only scene that I give out for free
  • Where to find:
  • Right after Alenjas Awakening scene has ended (after she and Deborah getting the new outfits), I added an option to choose which scene you want to play (the Original one with Regan and Beitris or the Premium Bonus Scene with Maili and Mairi)

3) First ever Animated Daydream Sequence in the game (A highly detailed Sex Scene with Alenja and Yorik)

  • This one is for Premium Members (as a compensation for the free giveaway Bonus Scene with Maili and Mairi which is now added to the Standard Version)
  • Where to find:
  • At the Cave Entrance very early in the game (after the Alenja / Dryad Scene)

More details down below…

– Overall improved in quality and slightly enhanced
– New Record for Numbers of Characters on the Screen (Over 30)
– Ironed out several issues from the original scene (missplaced shadows etc.)
– Added new transitions and a few more sound effects to the mix
– Update adds 2-3 New Scenes / Subscenes to the game:

1) One continues the Original Story (Regan/Beitris on Patrol)

  • This Scene will come to an end in this update
  • Contains 25 Animation Videos (Sex Scene with different Paces / Camera Angels)
  • New Battle with new mechanics and a VERY COOL finish
    > Don’t give up, it seems harder than it actually is. You will understand during the fight
  • New Bonus Images to unlock (with many Additional Renders)

2) The other one is an Alternate Bonus Scene (Maili/Mairi on Patrol)

  • Completely different from the Original Path
  • A shorter but also very lewd fleshed out story
  • Contains 15 Animation Videos (Sex Scene with different Paces / Camera Angels)
  • Also comes with an Alternate / Secret Story Ending
  • It contains many lewd Bonus Images to unlock

– Over 2200 Lines of Code have been added
– More than 250 Sound Effects are now in the game
General Game Improvements:
– Additional Proof Reading for older Content

– Main Menu Background (Nude Version)
– Save/Load Thumbnails (Nude Version)
– Puzzle-Minigame (Nude Version)
– Access to the Bonus Image Pack (Premium Edition)

3) Added A New Exciting Daydream Sequence [ANIMATED]

  • Completely NEW (wasn’t in the original game)
  • This was an Individual Request made by one of my patrons for privat use only
  • Nobody has seen this one yet, not even other premium members
  • Now this exclusively made scene is added to the game for all premium members to enjoy
  • This is the first ever animated Daydream Sex Sequence in the game
  • It features Alenja and Yorik in a highly detailed Sex Animation (at the cave entrance)
  • Including Yoriks naughty thoughts and life-like Sound Effects for immersion

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Wet & Wild Production – Patreon


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