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Academy34: Unleash Your Inner Agent in a World of Intrigue and Desire (Adult Only)

Strap yourself in, cadet! Young & Naughty’s “Academy34” throws you headfirst into the thrilling world of Overwatch, but with a decidedly adult twist. Here, you won’t just be honing your combat skills; you’ll be navigating a world of forbidden desires and clandestine encounters, all within the hallowed halls of the prestigious Overwatch Academy.

Become the Ultimate Agent

Step into the shoes of a fresh recruit, brimming with potential and raw talent. The Academy is renowned for transforming hopeful cadets into the elite operatives who safeguard the world. Training days are filled with rigorous physical conditioning, advanced weaponry training, and mastering the unique abilities that set Overwatch agents apart. But beneath the surface of regimented schedules and tactical drills lies a simmering current of unspoken desires and hidden agendas.

A Roster of Familiar Faces

Academy34 boasts the presence of the beloved heroes you know and admire from the Overwatch universe. These iconic characters become your instructors, mentors, and sometimes, forbidden attractions. Will you maintain a professional distance, or will you succumb to the undeniable allure that simmers just beneath the surface? The story unfolds through a unique branching narrative, where every choice you make paves the way for a unique experience. Befriend your fellow cadets, forge unexpected alliances with your teachers, or explore forbidden relationships with your superiors. The path you choose will determine your fate and the kind of agent you become.

Beyond the Classroom: A World of Secret Desires

Academy34 ventures beyond the typical training grounds of an Overwatch game. While honing your skills is crucial, the game delves into the hidden desires that simmer beneath the surface of these elite warriors. Dormitory life fosters a sense of camaraderie, but it also creates opportunities for intimacy and exploration. Will you succumb to the allure of a forbidden romance with a fellow cadet, or will you find yourself drawn to the forbidden power dynamic between student and teacher? The adult content within Academy34 is not gratuitous; it serves to heighten the tension and explore the complexities of human relationships within a high-pressure environment.

More Than Just Combat: Embark on Daring Side Quests

Academy34 isn’t just about classroom lectures and target practice. The game offers a plethora of thrilling side quests that will test your skills and ingenuity. Uncover secret plots brewing within the Academy walls, delve into the seedier underbelly of the city that surrounds it, or embark on clandestine missions that push your moral compass to the limit. These quests not only provide opportunities to develop your character’s skills but also serve to unravel the intricate web of secrets and desires that permeate the Academy.

Are You Ready to Answer the Call?

Academy34 is a game designed for a mature audience. It offers a unique blend of action, adventure, and adult content, all woven into the established lore of the Overwatch universe. If you’re looking for an experience that goes beyond the typical hero shooter, then Academy34 is your perfect entry point. Suit up, cadet! The fate of Overwatch, and perhaps your own forbidden desires, rests on your shoulders. Will you become the paragon of justice, or will you succumb to the temptations that lurk in the shadows? The choice is yours. Enter Academy34 and unleash your inner agent today.


v0.21.2.3 Public

After multiple years making this story into one of the best pieces of content our game has to offer, it finally ready to go out with an appropriate BANG! To celebrate the occasion, we took some extra time to ensure the content you’ll get is the best one we can possibly deliver. Especially the animation! We are stepping up our game!

This is exactly the kind of climactic finale you would expect. Be gone cute schoolgirl looks, time to embrace the real Ava — the gamer goblin! The cave dwelling creature, hungry for your flesh! Or rather, only few particular bits of it.

As with any finale, we didn’t cut any corners, except for maybe the length. But honestly, there is simply no need to drag the story any longer. The true feelings have finally been revealed, nothing left to hide. Ava’s only true desire is to be worthy of your love, and she will do her damn best to earn it. This time — for real. No more schemes, or cheeky plots, only honesty and passion.

And she got a lot of passion.

v0.21.1.5 Public

Have we ever made an update, which sole focus would be to simply add more drama? No? Well, now we have. This time, instead of following familiar tropes, making characters fall in love with each other over and over again, we burned everything to the crisp. Tears and screams, broken hearts and shattered plates. Not A drama, but THE drama!
Ava is a complicated character to work with. She is flawed, with an ego reaching heights few could even dream to achieve, greedy for fame and lustful for… you. But, against all odds, you brought her back, down to Earth. You didn’t fall in love with her, at least not the way she wanted. You made her work for what she always got served on a silver platter. All of her devious plans now lie in ruin.
But worst of all, you made her fall in love.
This is the penultimate update in Ava’s storyline. Just one more, and the entirety of her saga will finally be concluded. This time we went all in on making sure, that seemingly irredeemable character will get exactly the kind of development it deserves. This is a story update, in which we made sure to give Ava the time to shine she needed.
Additionally, all of her sprites and existing scenes have been updated, so we highly suggest you to replay the entirety of her route for the best possible experience, though it is not necessary.

v0.20.3.2 Public

For the longest time we’ve been pondering the idea of implementing a male romanceable character, be that your beloved cowboy roommate, or anyone else. We understand, that only a small portion of our playerbase will actually play and get full enjoyment out of it, but nevertheless, it’s great when games offer at least some diversity of choice.

And now, you can choose a cute boy in a skirt.

We want to make sure that no matter what your preference are, our game will always have something in stock to offer. Luca is but one of the many steps we will take to add as many different characters types, that might fit your liking: Muscle girls, certified MILFs, goths, e-girls, kind hearted dudes, and anyone else you could think of. Our game has existed for years now, and with each passing months our plans and efforts only strengthen. With overhaul on the horizon, an actual gameplay being introduced and location revamped, the Academy34 will expand for as long as they are people to play it. We really like our job, and more so, we love our community, so be sure to share your ideas and preferences in any comfortable way, and we will do our best to implement them when the time comes!
Getting back to Luca, we made sure to avoid banking on his suggestive appearance and instead explored much more interesting parts of his character. He is shy, nerdy guy, whom inexperience with romance creates the most wholesome and honest interactions, while also threading that thin line between funny and horny. That being said, we didn’t forget about the biggest reason you get back to this project. Yes, you will finally see his nudes.
Hop on and see what’s all the fuss is about!

v0.20.2.1 Public

This ain’t a major content drop, but we thought that it would be nice to give you something, while you are waiting for the many of our upcoming juicy releases!
Clussy Yun is small bonus for those, who battles their phobia of clowns by repeatedly committing cardinal sin while examining every minute detail of said clowns body. Consider it a therapy session of sorts.
And while we are also on the topic of what you should be expecting, we have much to tell!
Ava’s route is finally coming to it’s climactic finale, and we mean CLIMACTIC, because we fight occasional boredom of writing student romance by sprinkling it with so much drama, any soap opera pales in comparison. But that’s just a flavoring on a cake, while the true focus are the changes Ava’s character is going through. The crisis of identity hits hard in her case, and by the end of your journey together, you, as a protagonist, will help her to finally break the shackles of the artificial persona she created, and to finally learn how to embrace her real self. Fall in love with the best bratty girl yet again this March!
On another note, Luca’s update is already available! Our first ever femboy character, who garnered love and attention of many, becomes the cornerstone of our efforts to expand the variety of available romanceable characters. There is still so much for us to do, and, mind you, we never stop that content grind.

v0.20.1.4 Public


A note from Young & Naughty team:

Around a week ago we started to receive large number of reports concerning a bug, that caused an error/crash whenever players tried to use X-Ray in version (Yun’s Animation Update). This issue made it virtually impossible to progress Reina’s quest, as well as blocked access to any X-Ray content. Sadly, due to the limitation of our developmental tools, we weren’t able to revert game version far enough to patch the previous public build. Because of this, we decided to release Andre’s update early, with fix implemented, to make up for the problems that were caused by our oversight.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this issue caused. Enjoy the new content update!

There always comes a time, when your heart and souls fills with an overwhelming desire to stop, to take a break from the worries of day to day life, to lie down and rest. A desire for comfort.

Andre is our comfort character.

She is someone we get back to whenever we feel stressed, or get burnt out from the non-stop pressure to pump more and more content, and ironically, we never get tired of writing her route. So, her story will never end, it will always expand either in this game, or other media we create, and it will always be filled with passion, love and care.

We spare no effort on her route, and this release is the best example of that. This is our first major update to include animated h-scene frames from day-one, and that’s on top of dozens of new unique pictures, new character, much expanded story, and more. Much, much more.

Every Andre’s update is a love letter to our community, and to our own inner artist. This one is no exception. We hope you enjoy it as much, as we enjoyed creating it.

Thank you for giving us a reason to continue trying, a reason to improve and to always put our best effort into everything we create. You, your feedback, reactions, and engagement — are the best reward we could ever received.

Installation Guide

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “ACADEMY34” to start playing.

Developer Notes

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