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A Very Full House


Version: v0.24.2

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Game Info

Name: A Very Full House

Version: v0.24.2

Updated: 2024-04-23 05:33:25

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Female protagonist, Incest, Masturbation, Milf, Sandbox, Teasing, Voyeurism


A Very Full House: Where Seduction Reigns and Control is a Game

Forget the wholesome family dynamics of traditional life-simulation games. MetaMira’s A Very Full House throws you into the shoes of a captivating MILF, a woman who navigates the chaotic complexities of a very full house with a touch of seduction, a dash of manipulation, and a whole lot of fun. Here, your home becomes a playground for strategic maneuvering, where love, lust, and the pursuit of pleasure intertwine in a deliciously intricate dance.

A House Full of Secrets and Desires:

A Very Full House isn’t just about managing household chores and balancing budgets. Your home is teeming with personalities, each harboring hidden desires and unspoken attractions. Imagine your teenage stepdaughter, blossoming into a beautiful young woman with a curious gaze that lingers a little too long on your form. Picture your uptight brother-in-law, whose rigid facade seems to crumble ever so slightly when you catch him stealing glances your way. The possibilities for steamy encounters and forbidden entanglements simmer just beneath the surface of everyday life.

Master of Manipulation or Mistress of Seduction?

The game challenges you to navigate this web of desires and maintain control of your household. Do you wield your undeniable allure as a weapon, manipulating affections to secure your desired outcome? Or do you embrace the spark of genuine attraction, embarking on a series of passionate encounters that blur the lines between family and forbidden love? A Very Full House empowers you to explore the gray areas of desire, crafting your own unique narrative of seduction and control.

Keeping Up Appearances: The Art of the Double Life

Maintaining a Very Full House demands a certain level of finesse. By day, you may be the picture-perfect homemaker, juggling groceries and school schedules. But by night, you transform into a siren, captivating the hearts of those around you. The game offers a voyeuristic thrill as you navigate these contrasting identities, ensuring your desires remain hidden while strategically influencing those within your domain.

Beyond the Bedroom: Building Alliances and Exploiting Weaknesses

A Very Full House isn’t just about bedroom escapades. You’ll need to build alliances and exploit weaknesses to keep the household running smoothly. Perhaps you leverage a steamy encounter with your neighbor to secure a coveted babysitting night. Maybe you subtly exploit your brother-in-law’s growing infatuation to convince him to tackle the never-ending stack of bills. Every relationship is an opportunity, and every encounter holds the potential to further your goals.

Are You Ready to Rule Your Very Full House?

A Very Full House is a game for those who enjoy a touch of scandal with their strategy. Step into the shoes of a captivating MILF and explore a world where seduction is a tool, control is a game, and the lines between family and desire are delightfully blurred. Will you manipulate your way to a perfectly orchestrated household, or will you succumb to the allure of forbidden love and rewrite the rules of domesticity? Embark on your journey in A Very Full House and discover the power of a woman who knows exactly what she wants.



Major Update Features

  • Cumshot Art! – Watch the MCILF get wet and sticky with a whole suite of new cumshot effects. Get covered from head to toe with 12 “hit locations”, each with two stages of cummy-ness.
  • Updated Events! – Existing events have all been updated to use the new cumshot art, and several of them have new variants to give you some control over where the MCILF gets splattered with sperm! Now that the art is added, future events will be sure to take full advantage and deliver some very, very messy cumshot scenes!
  • Cumshot Tracking! – The stat tracking app on your MCILF’s phone now records cumshots, facials, and creampies, both by count and by total volume. Numbers go brr!
  • TV Events! – The Firebrand and the Cheerleader both have short new events in front of the TV. Behind the scenes these events also give me a bunch of places for future events to tie into!

Major Update Features

  • Crowds! – A new type of NPC has been added to the game – crowds. These crowd NPCs represent a whole type of character, rather than a specific individual. Build up Arousal, Control, and Corruption in these groups to give you power over the entire class. Particularly important if you want to keep on top of things at work now!
  • Nerd Sex Scene! – You wanted it, you got it! The Nerd is the second NPC to get a full-blown sex scene, joining the Slacker. Get him corrupted, keep him horny, and go to bed naked to have this spicy new event chain trigger.
  • Events! So Many Events! – There’s a TON of new writing in this update! I’ve added over 18,000 words of dialogue (11% of the whole game now!) spread across dozens of event chains big and small. Most of these events involve the crowds at work, The Nerd, or The Bully.


  • Refactored Person class and added Personlike class to contain common information.
  • Added Crowd class to represent large groups of unspecified people (and their corruption levels, control, etc.)
  • Added eight crowd character silhouettes (four men, four women).
  • Gave each crowd silhouette 2 hair styles, 2 daily outfits, and a swimsuit outfit.
  • Added a bunch of crowd interactions and events at work.
  • Added corruption points for crowds.
  • Fixed the “before_clickable” and “after_clickable” parameters for clickables, now properly let you insert clickables in relative positions.
  • Fixed work not marking progress properly when you mark homework during work.
  • Added new event for the Bully and the Nerd.
  • Added new chore for the Bully.
  • Added options to turn Arousal into Control for work crowd factions.
  • Updated existing work events to generate, spend Control where appropriate.
  • (Patron only) added rainbow socks for the Cheerleader (hmm, what are rainbow socks good for?)
  • Added Cheerleader work chore branches, interactions with Nerd.
  • Added Nerd dinner event when cooking.
  • Added Nerd night time visit event.
  • Added four new phone backgrounds from my ongoing practice art stuff.
  • And probably a bunch of stuff I forgot to write down at the time. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Major Update Features

  • New Class Options! – Break up the daily tedium with a couple of new class options to choose from, plus a bunch of NPC interactions to go along with them!
  • Cutdown Candy Bikini! – Did you see Candy’s bikini in v0.21 and think “I wish her bikini was even smaller and barely-hanging-together-er”? Well your prayers have been answered, and now you can get that bikini cut down into an even tinier version!
  • New Ethan and Madison Events! aka. the Nerd and the Firebrand, both NPCs have new events for you to find. Get ’em worked up and corrupted and you should be able to get them to fire.


  • Added bathroom peek event for Nerd.
  • Added debug screen “clickable_positioning_screen”, for placing clickables and quickly testing position and height values.
  • Added mirror_displayable parameter for clickables. Does what it says on the tin.
  • Shower now has (placeholder) alternative art when someone is in the shower.
  • Added Christmas 2023 phone background.
  • Added Firebrand masturbation walk-in event.
  • Added a math class option, with a few basic interactions to pass the time.
  • Added an art class option, with a few interactions.
  • ClickableObject (and inheriting classes) now can take a function in place of a string for image name. Function should return an image file string.
  • Added cutdown bikini for Cheerleader, plus events for introducing it.
  • Pool clickable for Cheerleader now varies (slightly) depending on what swimsuit she’s wearing.
  • Added interaction with Principal to unlock new options.
  • Added default names for characters that didn’t have them.
  • Added cutdown towel option for MCILF.

Main Update Features

  • Swimsuit for Candy! Candy (aka. “The Cheerleader”) finally gets a swimsuit this update, letting her join you in the pool for some wet n’ wild times! Okay, not too wild yet, but I promise we’ll get there!
  • More Candy Interactions! Candy’s also gotten some new basic interactions added for her. Turn Arousal into Control by guilting or teasing her, and flirt with her to build that Arousal right back up. These new interactions are topped off with some new accidental encounters you can get with her – be sure to pay her a visit some time soon!
  • A New Drawing Tablet! – Alright, that really isn’t really a “game” feature, but it’ll still be coming in handy in the near. The fact that my old tablet broke certainly didn’t help speed up development, so I’m counting this as a win!
  • Added swimsuit art for the Cheerleader.
  • Added sewing project to make the Cheerleader a swimsuit.
  • Added small alternative dialogue for gloryhole.
  • Added “One Piece” and “Two Piece” tags to swimsuits.
  • Added backyard swim event with the Cheerleader.
  • change_arousal function now takes optional “silent” parameter. When True no HUD will be displayed – used for (small, repetitive) overnight arousal increases for NPCs.
  • Added Cheerleader watching movie event.
  • Added “chore” to have Cheerleader tease others, raising Arousal daily.
  • Early masturbation walk-in events now recorded as masturbation, lower arousal slightly.
  • Added some phone backgrounds, unlockable from the Nerd’s room.
  • Added some basic Cheerleader Control conversation options.
  • Added basic Cheerleader flirt options to build Arousal.
  • Added Cheerleader masturbation walk-in event, with multiple branches depending on corruption.



  • Sex Art! – This update includes the highly anticipated addition of some actual sex art for A Very Full House! This art update includes rubbing and penetration variants, and a whole bunch of animations for different speeds and effects!
  • Goth Character Art! – Everyone’s favourite big tiddy goth gets a glow up this update, with completely redrawn art that is fully rigged and animated! For patrons, you also get a new mesh top to have her strut around in! Enjoy the eye candy while you’re at work, and look forward to the new content that I’ll be adding for her in the future!
  • New Events! The new sex art means new sex events! For v0.20 the Slacker is the only character with a sex event (but it’s a big branching one!). With the art and animations already done you can expect more events to be rolling out in the next few updates!
  • Added character art for Goth.
  • Rigged and animated character art for Goth.
  • Added sex frame, based on previous upskirt frame.
  • Added “default_parameters” attribute to MiraLive2D. Sets attributes to given value if no other source sets them.
  • Added halloween themed phone background.
  • Added option to buy suntan lotion at the mall, doubling tan rate.
  • Added new (very large) event branch to Slacker’s room tidy event. Plap plap!
  • TextureReplacement class now accepts a list of target displayables, instead of needing one defined for every displayable variant of a single model.
  • Updated existing example mods to use lists of displayables instead of multiple redundant texture replacements.
  • Removed baked-in nipple hints from some swimsuits that still had them.
  • Added mesh top for the Goth (Patron exclusive)
  • Added short sunbathing tease branch for the Slacker.
  • Gave Slacker a unique clickable while weeding the garden, with short interaction.
  • Added short alternative branches for a work event.
  • Maximum arousal requirements now properly display their enabled/disabled thresholds.
  • Updated starting disclamer to make it more clear what is currently missing from the game.

Fixes issues with Madison’s outfit states, nipple piercing states being incorrectly applied (leading to them not displaying), and some unintended schedule changes for the boys that made their shower events inaccessible. The new update should be 100% save compatible.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Patreon Password

Plap Plap Plap

Keeping Score

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Developer Notes

Major Update Features

  • Jock Art Update! The ongoing effort to fill in all of the basic character art continues! This update, The Jock has received his full body character drawing, complete with all the different stages of clothing. Old events have been updated to make sure they’re using the new art to it’s fullest extent!
  • New Events! A whole collection of new events have been added to the game, mostly focusing around the (very busy) shower.
  • Swappable Phone Backgrounds! No need to live with that boring black phone background any more! You can now swap your phone background for a number of spicier options. Patron supporters will also have access to animated backgrounds as part of their reward! Enjoy some bouncy-jiggly goodness every time you open your phone!
  • Mod Support! A proper framework for loading mods has been added, making it easy to add your own content to A Very Full House. The patch system has also been updated, so mods will be able to keep saves compatible between versions, as well as patch out their own bugs. Happy hacking out there!

This is a very early demo for the game. There will be placeholder items, locations, interactions, and art galore! Almost everything you see will be improved, replaced, or expanded upon during development.

That said, this release does contain all of the code I’ll need to add new content – written events, art, outfits, and so on – right away! Here’s a rundown of the major features I’m hoping this version shows off:

Map Movement – This is pretty straight forward, but it’s obviously still important! The full game will be filled with dozens of locations, each populated with items and characters for you to interact with. The current room images are all placeholders; I’ll be adding in high quality assets to replace them.

Item Interactions – Another simple concept, but just as important. Clickable items are easy to add, and easy to add new interactions to. The goal is to have every location filled with things to interact with! Just like with locations all of the art you’ll see for these are placeholders.

NPCs – Probably the single most important part of the game, NPCs can be interacted with. Every NPC has a collection of stats like Arousal, Control, or Corruption Level which locks or unlocks interactions with them. At the moment only the five main housemates are represented, and those are still using old placeholder art developed for my original prototype. Replacing these with high quality models is a high priority!

Game Mechanics – A Very Full House is more than just a visual novel with boobs in it. You will have to manage your household, making sure you get all of your chores done without driving yourself mad with stress. To do that you’ll have to use the only tool you have at your disposal: your body! Tease your housemates to create Arousal, then make them promise to do chores in exchange for “favours” from you. Do it right and you’ll keep the household from falling apart. Do it wrong and you’ll find yourself stuck in a spiral of corruption and impossible promises!

Animated Live2D Models – The main character MILF is an example of what all character models will eventually look like. With animations and physics both being used you can expect to see plenty of bounces, wobbles, and jiggles from every character!

Dynamic Clothing System – Every character will have a full collection of outfits that they can wear. In addition to that, each piece of clothing can be stripped off separately for maximum flexibility when I’m writing new content. For now the main character MILF has one default outfit, plus a towel outfit used for a single event. New outfits will be added, some of which will be needed to enable specific events.

Modular Smart Phone – You can’t set a game in the modern era without having a smart phone in it! Your phone will act as the main piece of UI, listing out character stats or chores for you. Behind the scenes the entire system is dynamically created, so adding new apps and phone based events will be a breeze! Swappable backgrounds and phone upgrades are both planned! For now, there are just a few basic interactions to prove it all works.

Mod Support – This is less a feature and more a promise. I love any game with an active modding scene, so I want to make sure A Very Full House is as friendly as possible to modding as I can make it. I’ve tried to organize and comment all of my code (which is provided unencrypted to save you the hastle) so it’s as easy as possible to read through and modify. Going forward I’ll do my best to design systems so that mods have easy places to hook in new characters, items, and interactions!

If you’ve made it this far then thank you for your interest in A Very Full House! I’m excited to speed up development of the fun parts of the game now that the tricky code and design bits are all finished!


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