A story about stolen magic

A story about stolen magic


Version: v0.1 Rework

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Game Info

Name: A story about stolen magic

Version: v0.1 Rework

Updated: 2024-04-25 10:57:57

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 3DCG, Ahegao, Anal Sex, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Male Domination, monster, Oral Sex, Rape, Sexual harassment, Spanking, Vaginal Sex


A Story of Stolen Magic: Reclaiming Power Through Desire and Dark Discoveries

Melina, once a sorceress of unparalleled brilliance, finds herself adrift in a desolate wasteland. Her magic, the very essence of her being, has been shattered and scattered across this hostile realm. A Story of Stolen Magic throws you into the heart of her desperate struggle, a journey of self-discovery fueled by a potent mix of vengeance and reawakening desire.

The world Melina now inhabits is a twisted reflection of her former reality. Monstrous creatures, twisted by the absence of magic, roam the desolate landscape. Corrupted souls, cursed by a power they don’t understand, lurk in the shadows. It’s a world hostile to her very existence, a constant reminder of her vulnerability.

But Melina is no damsel in distress. Beneath the despair lies a burning ember of defiance. To reclaim her stolen magic, she must venture deep into this corrupted world, each step fraught with danger and temptation. The fragmented pieces of her power are guarded by formidable entities, some monstrous, some surprisingly seductive.

A Story of Stolen Magic transcends the typical “hero defeats villain” narrative. Here, the lines between good and evil are blurred. Melina may encounter hulking beasts she must vanquish, but she also encounters beings of immense power who offer a different path – a path where power is regained through a fusion of magic and desire.

A seductive succubus, rumored to possess a fragment of Melina’s stolen magic, offers a seductive bargain – a night of unimaginable pleasure in exchange for the shard. A brooding warrior, his body a canvas of arcane symbols, hints at a ritualistic exchange of power, fueled by a potent mix of magic and primal urges.

Each encounter presents a choice. Will Melina succumb to these temptations, using her awakened sensuality as a weapon to reclaim what is rightfully hers? Or will she cling to a shred of her former morality, risking failure and the permanent loss of her magic?

The game delves into the erotic potential of power dynamics, exploring the ways in pleasure and dominance can intertwine with the pursuit of magic. It doesn’t shy away from same-sex encounters, allowing Melina to explore the full spectrum of desire as she gathers the fragments of her stolen power.

A Story of Stolen Magic is a visual novel that challenges the boundaries of fantasy and eroticism. Will Melina succumb to the darkness, embracing the power offered by forbidden desires? Or will she find a way to reclaim her magic and forge a new path, one where power and sensuality coexist? The choice is yours. (This is a call to action, but it refrains from directly mentioning the adult game.)


v0.1 Rework

  • Reworked story and battles
  • Brand new locations
  • Improved CG


  • 3 NEW events
  • Reworked battle with goblins
  • Reworked 1 tentacle scene
  • New bad ending in dark alley
  • Fixed Pole dance event
  • Changed the path to fading forest


  • 10 new events
  • 3 new locations
  • bug fixes
  • 7 game endings in total


  • 6 new events(and 2 game endings)
  • 3 new locations
  • some bugs fixed(of you find any new write it down)
  • NEW PROLOGUE EVENT added so you need a new game


  • fixed black screen when choosing to stay in the small village
  • Fading forest is not that dark now
  • some other bugs fixed

v0.2 fixed bugs

  • Fixed all reported bugs (saves from previous version doesn’t work now)


  • 9 new events
  • 3 new locations
  • some bug fixes
  • reworked old events
  • goblin event rework


  • More goblin encounters in the old forest
  • Cave location is done by 50%
  • small fixes


  • Initial release
  • Added goblin event (QTE)
  • Changed the guild scene to QTE
  • New location( semi-done)

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