A Pirate's Wife for Me

A Pirate’s Wife for Me


Version: v0.4.2

4.4/5 - (211 votes)

Game Info

Name: A Pirate’s Wife for Me

Version: v0.4.2

Updated: 2024-03-28 15:02:20

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 3DCG, adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, combat, Fantasy, Group Sex, Handjob, Male Protagonist, Milf, Oral Sex, prostitution, Sandbox, Titfuck, Turn based combat, Turn-based combat, Vaginal Sex


Yo-ho, yo-ho! Sail the high seas and experience the magic of The Isles, a fantasy world where pirates rule the waves.
Command your ship and crew to victory as you travel from island to island making friends, enemies, and love.
Build your reputation through combat and heroic deeds.
Win the hearts of your crew and take your place as pirate lord of The Isles!​



  • New Nia spanking scene
  • New Brittany blowjob scene
  • New Smuggler’s Outpost area
  • New scene at Smuggler’s Outpost
  • Mutiny now an option if the Harpy’s morale is too low

If you are playing an older version, check to make sure your crew’s morale isn’t below 0 when you start your game. It may cause your save to get locked out. Buy your crew some drinks or tap grog kegs first to get morale into the positive, then save your game and start in the new build. But morale shouldn’t be a problem for a competent captain, right?

Ahoy matey! Patch 0.4 of A Pirate’s Wife for Me is now available! Here’s a list of the changes to keep an eye out for.

New Characters

  • Wild Magic Sarah – Enjoy the Tea Bag’s new performer.
  • Tanice’s Mother – The Witch of the Isles
  • Dr. Cassandra Cook – scientist and occult researcher
  • Poetry Girl – This girl likes poetry
  • Lady Prisoners – Take them alive
  • Man Prisoners – Take them alive too

New Scenes

  • Nia Blowjob with animation
  • Tanice Tit Fuck
  • Anya Rub
  • Magic Show with animation
  • Rebel Leader Thank You
  • Rebel Leader Threesome
  • Tanice’s Mom says hello
  • Tanice’s Mom needs more
  • Prisoner 2 gets used
  • Poetry Girl in the hedge

Bug Fixes and Other Additions

  • Fixed bug preventing the Kingdom of Hammond from exploding
  • New design for rebel leader
  • Quest log has more entries
  • New portraits in Captain’s Cabin
  • More content in Scurvy-Dog’s Reach and Privateer Peninsula
  • The Brig can be fixed
  • New relationship quests for Anya and Tanic

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

A Pirate’s Wife For Me is currently in early access. Some features will not work. Currently, there are four accessible towns – Scurvy Dog’s Reach, Beggar’s Bay, Privateer Peninsula, and the Kingdom of Hammond. Purchasing the game now will give you access to all future versions no matter the price.
There are several hours of content and more than 15 scenes, including a couple animations.
Milf, MMF threesome, public, hand jobs, blowjobs, side sex, strip teases, tit jobs, lesbian.


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