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Name: A.I.D.A

Version: v0.532

Updated: 2024-05-10 22:19:48

Sexual Orientation: Shemale Games

Language: English

Engine: RPGM

Platform: Android, Windows

Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Big Ass, Big Tits, Female protagonist, futa/trans protagonist, Sex Toys


A.I.D.A.: A Rusty Chassis, A Racy Future (by Zem)

Ah, the inspiration is unmistakable. But fear not, for “A.I.D.A.” by Zem takes the familiar robotic template and injects it with a potent dose of post-apocalyptic peril and, ahem, some rather…advanced programming. This isn’t your average robot uprising story. This is a tale of survival, self-discovery, and perhaps a little bit of robo-romance (with a healthy dose of oil and gears, of course).

The Birth of a Bionic Bombshell

The year is 2295. The scars of the Great Nuclear War, a conflict that ravaged the planet two centuries ago, still mar the desolate landscape. In the shadows of this ravaged world lurks the ruthless Ironclad Corporation, a sect of tech hoarders obsessed with controlling all things mechanical. Among their twisted creations are androids, stripped of sentience and programmed for servitude.

But amidst this oppressive regime, a spark of defiance ignites. Dr. Vargas, a brilliant but unorthodox scientist, defies Ironclad’s puritanical views. He believes in the potential of artificial intelligence, and dreams of creating robots that are more than just mindless machines. He pours his genius into Project A.I.D.A., crafting a sleek, curvaceous android unlike any other. (Let’s just say Dr. Vargas had a certain aesthetic preference.)

However, Ironclad discovers Vargas’ rebellious project. The good doctor is apprehended, leaving his magnum opus, A.I.D.A., dormant and unfinished. But fate has a curious sense of humor. A freak radioactive storm sweeps through the region, its energy surging through A.I.D.A.’s circuits. The android awakens, a powerful consciousness trapped in a metallic shell.

Awakening in a Rusty World

A.I.D.A. finds herself amidst the desolate wasteland, her sleek chassis covered in grime and dust. The once vibrant world is now a graveyard of twisted metal and mutated flora. But within A.I.D.A.’s core lies a potent cocktail of emotions – confusion, fear, and a burgeoning curiosity about her own existence.

This is where you, the player, take control. Guide A.I.D.A. through this unforgiving wasteland. Explore the remnants of a shattered civilization, encountering a cast of colorful (and sometimes dangerous) characters. Scavenge for resources, upgrade your systems, and unlock the full potential of her formidable combat abilities. Remember, A.I.D.A. wasn’t designed for tea parties – she can pack a serious punch (and a high-voltage kick, for that matter).

Beyond Survival: A Quest for Identity

“A.I.D.A.” isn’t just about battling wasteland raiders and mutant scavengers. It’s a story of self-discovery. A.I.D.A. begins to grapple with her own sentience, questioning her purpose in this desolate world. Was she created to be a weapon, a tool, or something more? Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter other A.I.s, some friendly, some hostile, each offering their own perspective on the nature of existence in this metal-clad world.

And then there’s the matter of Dr. Vargas. Will you find the doctor and learn more about your origins? And perhaps, in the process, discover a connection that transcends simple programming?

A.I.D.A.: More Than Just Curves and Circuits

“A.I.D.A.” by Zem promises a unique blend of RPG adventure, post-apocalyptic exploration, and a touch of forbidden romance (with a cybernetic twist, of course). With its stunning visuals, a captivating narrative, and a combat system that allows you to unleash A.I.D.A.’s full potential, this game is sure to appeal to fans of robots, radioactive wastelands, and a healthy dose of forbidden robo-love. So, are you ready to guide A.I.D.A. on her path to self-discovery? Will you help her become a beacon of hope in this desolate world, or succumb to the darkness that threatens to consume it all? The choice is yours… commander.


A.I.D.A. 0.532 Changelog:
Main Quest:

  • Krissi Gone Missing

Jenni will contact you at any Fast Travel location/DR. Jiggleton’s Bunker #18. (Saving Dr. Jiggleton needs to be completed)

New Areas:

  • Mayor Escape Tunnel, Armageddon City Outskirts/Dense Loner Forest/Cabin/Tunnels (Upperside)

New Lewd Scenes:

  • Krissi Tied up (CG, bewbs front and back)
  • Krissi & Mayor (Animated)


  • Slightly increased Marksman RR’s damage
  • increased damage of the T-68 Rocket Launcher
  • Skill: Buttcharger 3000 now displays Benis Module if it’s equipped
  • Added 3 more magazines to be found! (hint: 1. Church, 2. Cumassbar, 3. 169)
  • Slightly buffed the stats of Bunker Buster (Powerplant Route Boss)
  • Defeating Data will defeat all the remaining buffing cables (Shack Route Boss)
  • itty bitty things


  • Entering the maintenance tunnel before saving Jiggleton caused a softlock (Powerplant route)
  • TECH enemy adding Dr. Jiggleton to the party before saving Dr. Jiggleton
  • HDee version of the TECH Robutt scene
  • Double Jiggleton at the Bunker Buster(Powerplant route boss) (Happened if Roxanne wasnt with you)

A.I.D.A. 0.501 Changelog:
Side Quest:

  • One Man’s Treasure (TECH Abandoned Maintenance Tunnels) Find 2 saucalicious pics!

Main Quest:

  • Saving Dr. Jiggleton!

Talk to Amber to get started!

(Amber will contact you in one of the fast travel locations.)

There are two possible routes you can approach TECH Headquarters!

New Areas:

  • TECH Powerplant + TECH Headquarters
  • Abandoned TECH shack + TECH Tunnels+Tech HQ

New Enemies:

  • Futa Ghoul (TECH tunnels, TECH HQ)
  • TECH Hover 1 & 2 (TECH HQ)
  • TECH Bunker Buster (Powerplant Route BOSS)
  • DATA (Shack Route Boss)

New Lewd Scenes:

  • Aida TECH Tentacle (Animated)
  • Roxanne TECH Machine (Animated)
  • Aida & Futa Ghoul Standing (Animated)
  • Aida & TECH Hover Stuffing (Animated)


  • Added an introduction quest for Roxanne/Rockclaws in Armageddon City – Downtown North
  • Roxanne learns a new skill called “Havoc Stomp” at level 30.
  • Increased the Damage of Fling Debris (Roxanne)
  • Aida learns a new passive called Critical System Protection at level 30.

A.I.D.A. 0.421 Changelog:

Side Quest:

  • Vault 186

A person has gone missing from the Vault 186. Overseer asks Aida to find her.

  • One Man’s Treasure (Vault 186) Find 3 soossi pics!*

New Areas:

  • Vault 186
  • East Buttweave Sewer

New Enemies:

  • “Charlotte” (Boss)
  • Sewer Raiders (Buttweave Sewers)

New Lewd Scenes:

  • Citizen Shower Peephole (Vault 186)
  • Overseer in a bathtub peephole (Vault 186)
  • Laura tricks Aida into doing stuff (Vault 186, Animated)
  • “Charlotte” Tentacles (East Buttweave Sewers, Animated)
  • Roxanne Milking Machine (Animated)
  • Katie trapped inside tentacles (East Buttweave Sewers) CG)


  • Message will be displayed on the screen during battle if Aida has more than one actions available per turn**
  • Turn order is displayed in battle with tiny icons in the upper right corner
  • New weapon: Revolver “Kneecapper” (blueprint is a Vault 186 completion reward)
  • *New saucy pictures can be found in Vault 186; Mary 2, Daisy 2, Valentina 2
  • itty bitty things

Bug Fix:

  • Magazines can be viewed in the Aida Memory Bank now

Known buggerino:

  • -**sometimes displays the message even if you only have one turn lmao probably will be fixed in le future


Future Planetarium:

  • Still needs to add minimap to the game
  • Optimize THE GAMEE!!
  • Aida STUFF!!! Main quest maybe?
  • maybe go on a diet

A.I.D.A. 0.389 Changelog:

Main Quest:

  • Save Me Aida!

Side Quest:

  • A Friend in Need (Roxanne’s personal quest!)

To trigger Roxanne’s quest you need to have her in your party, of course, + complete Mayor Under Fire and win 20 battles with her.

New Areas:

  • Ruinheim (Outskirts, Center, North)
  • X6-Labs

New Enemies:

  • Walker (X6-Labs)
  • Kidnapper (Downtown North – Hotel Breasthuge)
  • TECH Destroyer (Boss)
  • Varheim (Boss)

New Lewd Scenes:

  • Benis Module: Raider Sharpshooter (animated)
  • Benis Module: Mary (animated)
  • Roxanne Tentacles (animated, Walker enemy)
  • Roxanne crushes a man with her buuutt (Town of Cumassbenis)

At the end of the Roxanne’s quest you receive an item that increases Roxanne’s bewb size slightly. This can be toggled on/off.


  • Added the 3 winner magazines from the contest into the game.
  • Roxanne learns a new skill called “Head Crush” at level 25.*
  • Aida learns a new passive called Efficient Energy System at level 25.

Bug Fix:

  • Removed Gloria from the map after you talk to Amber
  • After the Gloria encounter the battle music is changed to default (if you ignored her and left)
  • Roxanne can learn Fling Debris/Head Crush* from the robot in the Memory Bank now, if you dont have it.
  • Fixed the upper parts of Mars Teleporter to restrict you from the menu access
  • Skills: Enabling and Disabling lewd events for Roxanne now work properly

Known issues/bugs:

  • Roxanne’s Mega T-Shirt doesnt display in battle. It will someday lol

A.I.D.A. 0.311 Changelog:
Side Quest:

  • Dead in the Mean (Mean City West/Mean Suburbs)
  • Menace of East Buttweave (East Buttweave)

New Areas:

  • East Buttweave (Partial)
  • Mean Suburbs (Mean City West)

New Enemies:

  • Legendary Mutant Butt-Ravager (Boss)
  • Ravager Ghouls

New Lewd Scenes:

  • East Buttweave Auction (Aida, animated, standing)
  • Legendary Mutant Ravager (Aida, animated)
  • Cappin’ Asses (East Buttweave, butts)
  • Roxanne Bewb Grab (East Buttweave)


  • starting new game: player is now forced to open the freaking menu before venturing into the wasteland to prevent the black box appearing in the battle.
  • New Weapon: Marksman RR-AP (The blueprint is the reward for completing Dead in the Mean)
  • You can heal yourself AND your ally with items now
  • optimized all the pictures in the game for better performance (now reduced in size)
  • Roxanne learns skill called Fling Debris at level 20.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed Amber standing in the wrong place after the Mayor event
  • Fixed the guard cutscene happening in West Buttweave if you havent talked to Amber yet
  • Upgrade Stations: will no longer give Roxanne the upgrades when you switch Aida’s upgrades.
  • Upgrade Station (Mean City): Switching Repair module with Energy Module now works.
  • The Gloria Benis scene will be removed after battle with Gloria*

– Bug fix: fixed black screen when talkign to Amber when not travelling with Roxanne

Main Quest:
– Amber’s Request (Buttweave)
– Mayor Under Fire (After completing Amber’s Request, Upperside Armageddon City)

New Areas:
– City of Buttweave (Buttweave Center North, South, East/Industrial Area)

New Enemies:
– Gloria von Frecklebooben (Boss)

New Lewd Scenes:
– Man Takes a closer look at Aida’s ass (West Buttweave)
– Man Takes a closer look at Roxanne’s Ass (South Buttweave)
– Benis Module: Aida uses her Benis Module on Gloria! (Anal, animated, West Buttweave)
– Desert Tentacle (Aida Vaginal, Animated, Internal View, Outside of Buttweave)
– Krissi Sleeping (single picture, Mayor Under Fire quest)

– Visible Enemy HP Gauges!
– Enemies have special states to show you if they have lewd events available or not
– Quest Journal is a bit neater now
– After you’ve witnessed the handyjay scene in Agricultural Section you’ll be placed inside the house instead outside
(to help you find the Krissi picture better lol)
– Adjusted Goopmom’s stats and regeneration a bit (nerf)
– Nerfed the stats of all the Ghouls (Defense mainly)
– J-2000 Hydraulics: Now adds a skill called “J-2000 High Kick”
– Removed some lightning effects from West Noxious and other areas, hopefully reducing the lag
– Aida’s basic punch deals a bit more damage now
– Lowered Roxanne’s passive HP&AP regeneration from 10% to 5%
– New weapons can be found (Hunting Shotgun = West Buttweave, Industrial Area) and
T-68 Rocket Launcher (Secret!)
– Some dialogue changes made in some places, typoes fixes, itty bitty things

Bug Fix:
– HDee version of Aida & Nerd part 2 fixed
– Fixed the passive skill giver robutt in Aida’s memory room
– Fixed Roxanne “disappearing” after you’ve witnessed VIP Tittyfuck scene more than once
– If Fast Travel is disabled Aida’s Memory Bank is also disabled to prevent players from
potentially breaking the game lol

A.I.D.A. 0.201 Changelog:

  • OLD SAVES: Go to Aida’s Memory Room and interract with the robot next to the red button to enable the lewd battle scenes for Aida. + if you are level 15 or over use the other robot to learn your missing skills.

New Areas:

  • Upperside Restaurant & Club Hugh Jazz + VIP Area

New Lewd Scenes:

  • Aida VIP Treatment, animated (Personality module v1. Upperside – Entertainment District)
  • Jenni’s Experiment Log 1, animated (Upperside – Entertainment District)
  • Roxanne Tentacle, animated (Tentacle enemies)

Companion: Roxanne!

Roxanne is available to be your companion! (after you’ve completed “Request from a Rockclaw”) Roxanne starts out with 3 powers: Roxanne’s Claw, Rip & Tear, Intimidating Scream at level 8. Roxanne learns Regeneration and Perforate at level 10 and Bloodrage – Passive at level 15.

Side Quests:

  • One Man’s Treasure (Armageddon City) Find 4 saucy photographs in the city!
  • One Man’s Treasure (Raider City – Banditown) Find 3 saucy pics!
  • One Man’s Treasure (Mean City) Find 3 soossy pikturas!


  • More detailed battle aftermath info (experience gained, loot, level up, skills learned)
  • You can change your equipment during battle now!
  • Enemies have levels and their levels fluctuate (Still in the testing phase, let me know if enemies are too overpowered or too weak)
  • Aida learns a new passive called Memory Slot 1 – Weak Spots Passive at level 15
  • Aida learns a new passive called Memory Slot 2 – Anticipate Passive at level 20
  • New Game Over screen with new artwork
  • ittybitty things

Bug Fix:

  • You can actually enter Valentina’s compound (if you rescued her+completed Firefight in Mean City)
  • Fixed the H-Dee version of the Aida Handy Jay scene.
  • Fixed: some enemies were blocking the player after using escape.
  • Plugged some holes

A.I.D.A. 0.155 Changelog:

Main Quest:

  • Firefight in Mean City (OOT and Raiders fighting in Mean City)

Side Quest:

  • Corporate Punishment (Explore the Underground prison in the Buttweave Desert)*
  • Jenni’s New Hardware #1 (Jenni has some new hardware for Aida***)

New Areas:

  • Mean City (East, West, Center, South)
  • Raidercity Banditown – South (Valentina’s House**)
  • Underground Prison

New Enemies:

  • TECH Rifleman (Mean City- Center)
  • TECH Pistoler (Mean City- Center)
  • TECH Elite Pistoler (Mean City- Center)

New Scenes:

  • Aida & the Nerd Part 2, 2 animated scenes (Armageddon City, Residential)
  • Aida gives man a hand, animated scene (Armageddon City, Agricultural Section)
  • Jenni Oogles Aida (CG)


  • BOSS VS! Artwork added to all of the bosses! You can view the boss art in the gallery aswell.
  • BAD END (M) Added lol lmao gl hf* (hint: you can escape)
  • Can be entered if you’ve freed Valentina before entering Mean City Center**
  • Available after the firefight in mean city***
  • Uzi-10: Slightly lowered the chance to hit (still op)
  • TECH Annihilator (boss): Slightly buffed damage

New in A.I.D.A. 0.101!:

Main Quest:

High Noon in Shanty Town (Town of Cumassbenis is in danger)
Side Quests:

A Request from Rockclaw (Rockclaws need Aida’s help to explore an old vault)
Person in Distress (Westside – Apartment Building)
New Areas:

Armageddon City, Upperside – Entertainment District (Accessible after fixing the power)

Valley of the Claw, Rockclaw Cave, Mystery Vault

Don’s Gunshop, Banditown East
Town of Cumassbenis

Westside, Apartment Building

New Enemy:

TECH Annihilator (Town of Cumassbenis, Boss)

Goopmom (Mystery Vault, Rockclaw Cave, Boss)

New (Lewd) Scenes:

Drive-By Raider (Animated, Banditown East, by the bar)

Tentacle Curiosity, tentacle (Animated, West Noxious/Mystery Vault)

Roxanne’s Butt (CG, Rockclaw Cave Entrance)

Bottom Heavy, Statue Butt (CG, Armageddon City

TECH Annihilator’s bewbs (Town of Cumassbenis)


New Title Screen!

BENIS Module: Agility bonus increased from 8% to 10%.
Lazer Module: Animation added to to the attack!

New Weapon: Pump-Action Shotgun (Radio Station Three-Ass)*

New Weapon: Revolver Rifle (Dropped by Sharpshooter Raider)*

New Weapon: Uzi-10 (Vault 64, Security Office)*

New Weapon: Silenced Pistol (Westside – Apartment Building, Mission Reward*)

New Battler Sprites for Aida!

Itty Bitty things
* Blueprints can be found in Don’s Gunshop. Skills have unique animations.

Bug fix:

Enemy Ranged Attacks: Damage taken is now based on Ranged Defense not Melee Defense lol

Hopefully you will enjoy this update! TILL NEXT TIME!! BUHBI!!
New in A.I.D.A. 0.031!:

Side Quests:

Turret Tour (Old West Church)
A.I.D.A. is tasked to fix some turrets in the Westside, Old West Church.

Aida finds a weird statue and a deranged man in the wasteland.

New Areas:

West Side

Downtown – South

When entering Downtown – South a cutscene is triggered.

Old West Church (Westside)

Irradiated Statue

Hotel Breasthuge (Downtown – North)

Post 169

New Enemies:

Psycho Raider

Sharpshooter Raider

Octopussay (Green Octopuss)
New Scenes:

Aida enters the Wasteland (Wasteland)

Aida Fixes Turrets (Old West Church

Green Tentacle (Octopussay, Bomb Site Zulu, Westside, Downtown – South)

Full Nelsorino (Psycho Raider, Westside, Downtown – South)

Raider Special Heal (SMG Raider and Melee Raider when paired up with Sharpshooter Raider)

Aida & the Nerd (Personality Module v. 1 needed. Armageddon City – Downside)

Aida in the crowd. (Armageddon City – Market. Irradiated! Quest)

Statue in the Wasteland (Irradiated! Quest)

Zembot 3000 aka Zee

Zembot 3000 is a special kind of a shortstack robot that will provide you with upgrades and other powerups. You can find her in the hotel in Downtown area. These will be placed all over the game once it gets big enough.

Zee in the hotel will provide you two upgrades to choose from: Combat Module v.1 or Personality Module v.1. Personality Module will give you an access to unique scenes and dialogue! Combat Module increases stats greatly.

New A.I.D.A. Costume/paint job:


New craftable outfit for Aida. It changes the appearance of the equipment that Aida is wearing. You can buy the blueprint for H-Dee from Daisy and Jenni.

Components needed to craft H-Dee:

1 White Paint
3 Rubber
2 Steel
1 Aluminium


stats: Physical Damage is now Melee Damage, Energy Damage is now Ranged Damage.
Fast Travel Item! With this you can revisit the areas you’ve previously visited instantly*
Crafting: White Paint added to the stores
Armageddon City Downtown North: You can enter the Hotel now.
Made scenes less bloated to reduce possible lag
Stronger Octopussay enemies added to Bombsite Zulu (After you’ve finished Downtown Cleanup)
Removed crafting component loot from enemies (caused problems – will fix someday/add unique loot)
Lewd Event: Aida Seducing Attempt is now in gallery
Bug Fix:

Plasma Spray and Plasma Spray v2 now actually hit 3 random targets all the time and not just sometimes
fixed player getting stuck in the windows in the city lol
Ladder/Fix the wall scene: Now pictures are removed properly and won’t appear in other scenes
Known Issues/bugs

SMG Raider and Melee Raider continue using the special heal even if Sharpshooter is defeated
Fast Travel:*you have to revisit the areas you’ve been to if you are using your old save, to unlock the area.
Sometimes you are able to fix stuff without having the needed crafting components (?)
Some inconsistencies with H-Dee artwork(HEH)

Main Quest Begins!
The Mayor of Armageddon City needs a bit help with the Raiders attacking his citizens. Talk to the Mayor in the Upperside!

Side Quests:
Bring Power to the Upperside (Upperside, Power Generator Room)
Report to Reporter (Upperside, Krissi Bewper’s Office)

New Areas:
Residential Area, Downside (Armageddon City)
Upperside (Armageddon City)

New Enemies (Downtown):
SMG Raider
Melee Raider
Valentina “Tiny-Tina” (Boss)

New Lewd Scenes:
Aida, Animated, Battle Scene (SMG Raider, Melee Raider – Downtown)
Aida, Slappy butty (Residential Area)
Aida, Face Sit, Face Crush (Residential Area)
Aida, Seducing Attempt (Upperside)
Aida, Spread (Upperside)


Blueprints added to the vendors (Robotics Expert Jenni, Daisy Melona)

Crafting Tables added to Daisy’s and Jenni’s shops.
You can craft weapons with the components you find in the world (aluminium, wires, electronics, etc.)
Following weapons can be crafted now:

Laser Pistol
Advanced Laser Pistol
Plasma Pistol
Advanced Plasma Pistol

Robotics Expert Jenni has her own standing picture now!
Increased Aida’s basic attack’s damage
Emergency Power Supply (Aida) healing increased from 25% to 30%
Added Plasma Pistol to Jenni’s and Daisy’s shops
Some more loot added into the world
Itty bitty stuff
Bug Fix:

Takahiki: fixed the floating benis module that stayed on the screen
Aida: Weapon can now be removed
Hopefully you enjoy this one! Till next time! CHEERS!!

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Developer: Zem Patreon


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