8 Days with the Diva

8 Days with the Diva

Slamjax Games

Version: v1.0.0

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Game Info

Name: 8 Days with the Diva

Version: v1.0.0

Updated: 2024-05-14 18:44:19

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, Corruption, Groping, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Parody, sci-fi


8 Days with the Diva: Breaking the Gamer Girl into Talon’s Grasp

The year is 2077. Neon lights paint the skyline of a world teetering on the edge. You are Snake Siemen, a rising star in the ranks of Talon, a notorious criminal organization. Doomfist, the iron-fisted leader, sees potential in you, and your promotion hinges on one critical mission: “Operation: D.Va.”

D.Va, the world-famous gamer extraordinaire, live streamer, movie star, and surprisingly skilled pilot, now finds herself a captive of Talon. But fear not, for this isn’t a hostage situation. This is a twisted game of seduction and manipulation. Your mission, over the course of eight “electrifying” days, is to transform D.Va from a symbol of rebellion into Talon’s most valuable asset.

“8 Days with the Diva” by Slamjax Games throws you headfirst into a world of high-octane action, strategic manipulation, and a whole lot of erotic tension. D.Va is a captivating enigma – a fierce competitor with a rebellious streak and a surprising vulnerability beneath the gamer-girl facade. Your task is to exploit these vulnerabilities, to chip away at her resistance and awaken a desire for power that aligns with Talon’s agenda.

But “8 Days with the Diva” is more than just a game of control. As you delve deeper into D.Va’s psyche, you’ll uncover a complex web of emotions. The lines between mission objective and genuine connection begin to blur. Will you exploit her desires for Talon’s gain, or will you find yourself succumbing to her undeniable allure?

The narrative unfolds based on your choices, each day presenting a new opportunity to break D.Va’s will – or perhaps, to forge an unexpected connection. Will you leverage her competitive spirit, challenging her to grueling physical and mental training sessions that culminate in heated confrontations (both physical and emotional)? Or will you take a more seductive approach, exploiting the loneliness that lurks beneath her celebrity persona and offering her a taste of intimacy she never expected?

“8 Days with the Diva” throws out the rulebook. It’s a game that explores the complexities of power dynamics, the allure of forbidden desire, and the possibility of finding connection in the most unexpected places. Are you ready to embark on a thrilling eight-day journey where the fate of Talon, and perhaps your own heart, hangs in the balance? Download “8 Days with the Diva” by Slamjax Games and discover the exhilarating world of manipulation, seduction, and a gamer girl unlike any other.


+This is the last update – the game is complete!
+The final Widowmaker and Sombra endings have been added.
+Walkthrough file is included below
+Over 1400 images, 25 endings

+The second-to-last batch of endings are here!
+This update focuses on the “balanced” endings, where you concentrate evenly on two of the attributes for D.VA.
+There is also one more way to perfectly balance out the attributes for D.Va other than 4 and 4. Do it this one other way for a bonus ending!

+The first batch of endings are here!
+This update focuses on the “perfect” endings, where you concentrate completely on one of the attributes.
+It is recommended you use this version of the game to play from the beginning if you want INDOCTRINATION endings. There was a bug in the last version that has since been fixed, so better not to use old saves.

+The final day of training. D.Va’s fate is decided here!
+Glory hole training for D.VA! Or maybe some group sex?
+Share a tender moment with WIDOWMAKER
+Have a spicy time with SOMBRA
+DAY 08 complete
+Endings begin next update!

+The penultimate day of the training with D.VA. Everything is getting more intense.
+Or, depending on your past choices, you can continue to act on your desires with WIDOWMAKER or SOMBRA.
+DAY 07 complete

+Costume fun with D.VA!
+Meet WIDOWMAKER in a supply store room!
+Help SOMBRA with her workout!
+DAY 06 complete

+Make a movie with D.VA (sex scene a contractual obligation)
+D.VA makes a visit to a Numbani bordello (optional)
+More fun with WIDOWMAKER!
+Some naughty sex with SOMBRA!
+Another ending added to the game!
+DAY 05 complete

+D.VA’s cherry is popped!
+WIDOWMAKER’s brain is washed!
+SOMBRA makes her move.
+MOIRA tries to make sense of it all with a halfway-point evaluation.
+First two endings have been added to the game!
+DAY 04 complete

+Training with D.VA is ramping up
+Spy on SOMBRA’s private time
+WIDOWMAKER has a threesome
+DAY 03 complete

+More training with D.VA
+Have some fun with SOMBRA and WIDOWMAKER
+DAY 02 complete

+Initial release
+DAY 01 complete

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Developer: Slamjax – Patreon – SubscribeStar

My first game Stellar Incognita was created for me to get used to the basics of Ren’Py. This is a side-project and a basic trainer-style game to get me familiar with using variables (i.e. points for making choices) and flags (i.e. setting conditions for future story impacts). Depending on the choices you make inside and outside of the training sessions, there will be about 20 different endings.


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