Tales from the Deep: Eve

Tales from the Deep: Eve [Prologue]


Version: Prologue

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Game Info

Name: Tales from the Deep: Eve [Prologue]

Version: Prologue

Updated: 2023-04-06 13:43:15

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows


From a high schooler mother to an out and out drug fiend Eve is a genuine mess up who figured out how to lose her child’s guardianship on the interaction. She’s in her mid thirties now and is at last getting her life in the groove again. A crappy barkeep seasonal work in addition to her camming on Shamecams makes her ready to keep a horrible condo and visit her child from occasionally. Until a late night shift at the Bar has unexpected outcomes that could destroy all that she has fabricated up to this point. Her restraint, ethics, opportunity and, surprisingly, her wellbeing could now be in danger. Follow this debauched excursion and conclude how awful things will go for Eve from this point forward.

Remember that your criticism is exceptionally valued and on account of everybody for playing the game. Remain tuned for more to come and cuddos from Brasil.


Prologue Demo (GUI update)
-overhauled GUI.
-dialog font fixed for easy reading
-obs: only for GDRIVE and MEGA links (for now)

Prologue Demo
First release

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Tales from the Deep is supposed to be a series of short-length stories(I’m aiming at ~3hours of gameplay) each one focusing on a different character and continuously building a dark and somber universe uppon wich i intend to eventually make a game game about. Let’s see how that goes. Keep in mind that i’m a solo dev working partime on this project and this is only a demo of the prologue so not much content: currently a couple dozens of renders and 3 animations (60fps) I already have the rest of the prologue rendered, and a few more animations to go with it and I’m currently working on the writing and coding for that. If everything goes well i intend to launch it on next friday (2022/08/05). If you liked the idea of the game please consider supporting my patreon/MrSloap to receive the latest news about the game. Also I intend to give out some exclusive 4k wallpapers of Eve and eventually more features for supporters.


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