Something’s In The Air Redux

Something’s In The Air Redux


Version: 1.01

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Game Info

Name: Something’s In The Air Redux

Version: 1.01

Updated: 2023-05-11 12:30:17

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian Games

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 3DCG, dating sim, Female protagonist, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, multiple endings, Romance


Something’s In The Air Redux is a sequel to Date Ariane Remastered, but it is designed to be a stand alone game.​

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

In part, a remastering of the original Something’s In The Air (2013), but with a streamlined story and playable as either a straight male or gay female character each with slightly different content.

Also in part, a satire of the “harem” dating sim genre with surprising new content over and above the original surprising content.

The original Something’s In The Air was the first Renpy based visual novel to be made with 3D renders. A pretty impressive feat considering that they now number in the thousands. I helped spawn a genre (and it helps that making these games is a lot of fun).

I made this “Redux” version partly because the “Remastered” Date Ariane demanded it, but being a remake of the first of a genre has some potential. It was never as popular as Date Ariane, so I didn’t feel obligated to be true to the original, hence some old “sequel” related content got dropped, and satirical genre defying content was added.

I also incorporated the third game of the series Rachel Meets Ariane and added it to the end to make one big game out of two.


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