Shred & Tear: Explosive Kajun

Shred & Tear: Explosive Kajun

Lucid Realm Games

Version: 0.0.6 Prototype

3.3/5 - (15 votes)

Game Info

Name: Shred & Tear: Explosive Kajun

Version: 0.0.6 Prototype

Updated: 2023-05-11 10:36:48

Language: English

Engine: Unreal Engine

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2DCG, 3d game, Animated, Big Tits, combat, Female protagonist, Graphic Violence, No sexual content, platformer


Shred & Tear: Explosive Kajun is a fast-paced aggressive style 3D hack n slash action game with loads of monster gore, and sexy actions. Drown yourself in a detailed 3D brutal industrial-theme world, where a mecha waifu fights off tentacle monsters, and also where the buffet of lust and gore is served!​

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run

Developer Notes

Fast and Brutal Prepare yourself for constant adrenaline rushes with Shred and Tear’s Push-Forward gameplay as Kajun-chan tears through hordes of Tentamons in relentless and surreal Hack n’ Slash fashion.
Sexy & Aggressive Don’t be distracted by Kajun’s body (we know it’s a challenge) as combat is easy to learn but hard to master. With speed and brutality, the gameplay demands quick reflexes and constant situational awareness to succeed.
SHRED AND TEAR!!! Armed with an arsenal of deadly skills and weapons, Kajun-chan is ready for the carnage stronger, faster and sexier than ever.
Extra thick fan service Witness Kajun-chan’s extra thick fan service amidst the adrenaline-filled gory battles and eye-candy QTEs 😉 Get yourself up, Kajun-chan is waiting for you


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