Monster Souls

Monster Souls [v0.2.7]

Monster Souls

Version: v0.2.7

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Game Info

Name: Monster Souls [v0.2.7]

Version: v0.2.7

Updated: 2023-04-06 14:04:15

Language: English

Engine: Unity

Platform: Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2D Game, adventure, Anal Sex, Animated, Fantasy, Furry, gay, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, monster, Oral Sex, Tentacles, Turn-based combat


Monster Souls is a NSFW RPG featuring gay interactions with monsters and other characters. The protagonist is a young man with the unique power to absorb a monster’s essence into his body and gain their powers by transforming into monster-human hybrid forms.


UI rework

  • Added a saving and loading screen with 4 save slots. Old save files will be renamed and placed in slot 0.
  • Started the UI overhaul, added a new character menu.
  • Class screen shows ability and trait info.
  • Equipment screen show difference in damage of defense of highlighted item.
  • Added a status screen for additional character stats.
  • Added an inventory screen, early version only shows item info for now.
  • Adjusted UI scaling that should mostly work better on wider screens.
  • Added a surrender screen after being KO’d during normal battles.
  • During battle, empty command groups should be hidden until that character gains commands for that group. (Almost, I missed hero’s skill group at least).
  • Removed option to “quit dungeon” from dungeons.
  • Added support for multiple page dialogs. For now if the same character has multiple pages in a row, I’ve combined them. If it’s a new character, the page close/open will play to signify the speaker changing. Let me know how that feels.

Battle balance

  • Added a check to hero’s instant surrender command – Hero may refuse to surrender if he doesn’t feel ready.
  • After the party is KO’d the player can choose to retreat or surrender. Retreating will cost some gold but the party will be returned to the last checkpoint and heal. Surrendering will… well you know.
  • Reworked the Lustful Slime encounter, it’s still meant to be a losing battle but it’s not inevitable.
  • Hero should be able to pick up slimeform from any encounter in the Aqueducts now.
  • Added a lever to control the gates if hero manages to get stuck without a slimeform.
  • Minor adjustments to slimes attributes and turn orders.
  • Enemies will give reduced experience if hero is more than 2 levels above their level.
  • Encounters will respawn after a few minutes.
  • Reworked Mantrap and Pixie encounters – Mantraps will now be accompanied by a weaker variant of Pixie with different behavior.
  • Added a new deadly variant of Mantrap, you’ll know it when you see it. These ones aren’t meant to be fair but you can probably figure it out.
  • Enemies now have limited MP pools, they will fail to cast spells if they are out of MP.
  • Added 2 new abilities for Ash that might be related to the above.
  • Added battle announcement commands for some enemies that signify upcoming actions. More will be added over time.

Map changes

  • Added new “Upper Street” zone to the town and moved the Warlock to his new manor there. The zone is not finalized but I didn’t want the Warlock to continue living in a dark alley next to the Tavern.
  • Added a transition back to Town from the Mercenary Camp.

Misc fixes

  • Fixed bug where completing the Aqueduct a second time will advance the game to nighttime.
  • Fixed bug where arriving at the Mercenary camp at nighttime blocked you from entering the captains tent. (Double fixed! You should never arrive at nighttime again but just in case).
  • Beastform is now locked in when hero acquires it, just as with slimeform. Be aware that hero will be unable to leave the goblin encampment while locked in beastform.
  • Fixed some missing animation sound effects but there’s probably more missing, I have to go through every animation to add them.
  • The trigger for Ash’s second romance scene should be checking the correct variable now.
  • Ash’s first romance scene will no longer be repeated in hero’s bed.
  • Added scent trails that lead to Ash and Lyric during the final scene of chapter 2.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.


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