Dragon Sleuth Brittany

Dragon Sleuth Brittany [v6.9 Beta]

Cherry Blossom Games

Version: 6.9 Beta

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Game Info

Name: Dragon Sleuth Brittany [v6.9 Beta]

Version: 6.9 Beta

Updated: 2023-04-06 13:44:11

Language: English

Engine: Unity

Platform: Android, Linux, Windows

Genre: 2D Game, adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Furry, monster, Monster Girl, Vaginal Sex


Mythical serpent Sleuth Brittany is a Scalie pornography game. You play as the cheeky and delectably level chested Brittany the Dragon. Her journey is to find winged serpent eggs that have been taken and have some good times en route! Including top notch pixel craftsmanship joined with an energetic soundtrack, voiced discourse and filled to the edge with salacious jokes, intimate moments and small games.
DSB v5 is a complete upgrade and change. We are presently working in reproducing all of the past satisfied from 4.2.


2022-07-28 v6.9 Beta

2021-11-27 v5.1
* Lots of bugs and issues that were under the hood were fixed!
* Added new scene: Beach Sex
* Go inside the diner and play the milk collection game!
* The world map is now opened!

Removed all non-pixel art from the game.
Redraw and animated all new pixel art
New Main Menu (WIP)
New intro animation and coding.
New interactions in Brittany’s home: tub, change clothes, family photo
Redraw and animate Television channels
Two new sex scenes presented for this version: Noelle and Mike window sex, Mike and Brittany upside-down blowjob
Game plays from the intro to the end of town scene 2.

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes

Currently Features:
We focused on getting the mini games up and running. Next will be the RPG dialogues and assembling the major quest.


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