Breeding Farm

Breeding Farm

Team Bieno

Version: 0.6

4.5/5 - (206 votes)

Game Info

Name: Breeding Farm

Version: 0.6

Updated: 2023-05-11 13:20:34

Sexual Orientation: Furry Games

Language: English

Engine: Ren'Py

Platform: Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows

Genre: 2DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Fantasy, Furry, gay, Male Protagonist, Management, Monster Girl, Ntr, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex


Intensely roused by the first beast banging game “Reproducing Season”, Breeding Farm recounts the tale of a wrecked person with no memory or character. Safeguarded by a nearby beast rearing homestead young lady and her mom, they are entrusted with assisting with saving their bequest from closing down. Outfitted with a couple of coins, a ragtag group of beasts, and anything that’s resting in your jeans, might you at any point take the Crimson Estate back to its previous greatness? Or on the other hand will the very flawless and hearty ladies and beasts of this peculiar land do excessively great a task at holding you back from finishing any genuine work?



Changelog v.0.6
// Old Save files are never a guaranteed method of data transfer with newer versions. Please remember and take this into consideration when playing! !

New Content
12 new Monster Combinations
5 new replayable Events in the Gallery
5 new Monster Types (only unlockable through the story)
2 new poses in the interactive H-Events (Rika & Cecilia)
5 new Characters
new Locations
One new interactive H-Event
one new Monster Trait
Changes & Improvements
Male and female wolf types can spawn after breeding. (Gender is no longer 100% male)
Elizabeth’s portrait model has been fully redesigned and reanimated.
NTR content for Rika has been removed and a part of her quest line has been rewritten.
GameEditor has been updated (MonsterData and StoryDate have been separated)
Some Farm related backgrounds have been updated
A third Stage of affection-based monster combinations has been integrated. (Monsters can also be affectioned by Cecilia)
Spine 2d has been updated from 3.8.9 to 4.2 (all Spine 2D related files had to be updated)
Post Processing has been integrated into Story and Breeding Events
Some more bug fixes and performance improvements
Monster Traits can now also affect the appearance of a monster.
Updated the monster filter tap by Gender

Installation Guide

1. Extract and run.


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